Elementary Programs

We know the key to success starts with a solid education.


In the Elementary Program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Glacier Country we serve youth in kindergarten through fifth grade. Our programming focuses on 5 core areas: Character & Leadership Development, Education & Career Development, Health & Life Skills, the Arts, Sports, Fitness & Recreation.

Daily programming consists of students participating in various activities such as STEM projects, cooking classes, homework help, arts & crafts as well as sports & recreation.

During their afternoons at the Clubs all youth receive a healthy snack provided by partners throughout the community.

We pride ourselves on exposing youth to things they may never see in school or their home lives such as sewing, field trips into Glacier National Park and various community service projects.

When the youth enter our doors, they are greeted by our caring staff that invest their time and talents into each and every child. Every staff member has a specific age group that they plan programs for and stay with throughout the week, giving our members the consistency they need.

Educational programming that the Elementary Program focuses on are Power Hour, Money Matters, Study Island and Summer Brain Gain.

Through Power Hour our staff focus on helping our members finish up their homework and catch up on any lingering school projects.

Money Matters begins to equip our youth with the skills and knowledge to handle money by making it fun and relatable to each age.

Study Island is a computer-based software that exposes our members to technology in constructive ways, challenging their knowledge and creating opportunities for them to grow that align with state testing standards.

Summer Brain Gain addresses summer learning loss by keeping youth on track while having fun with their peers, exploring new topics and ideas, and learning important skills along the way.

In our Elementary Program we also focus on the development of good character and leadership as well as promoting healthy lifestyles.

Good character and leadership is implemented in our youth through various community service projects and opportunities to lead their fellow Club members in activities.

Promoting healthy lifestyles is key in our programming to help youth avoid participating in early deviant behavior such as drug and alcohol abuse as well as sexual activity. We accomplish this by implementing a program called SMART Moves, which helps our youth heighten their decision-making and critical-thinking skills.

Triple Play is a program that aims to improve youths’ knowledge of healthy habits, good nutrition and physical fitness; increase the number of hours per day they participate in physical activities; and strengthen their ability to interact positively with others and engage in healthy relationships.

This is done by actively engaging the youth in physically stimulating activities as well as planting and cultivating vegetables and fruits in our own, and community, garden boxes.


Our main Clubhouse in Columbia Falls is located at 535 4th Ave. W., right across the street from Glacier Gateway Elementary. Grades Kindergarten through fifth grade are located at this location from both Ruder Elementary and Glacier Gateway Elementary. 

Students from Ruder Elementary are bussed by School District 6 to the Clubhouse.

Once a student becomes a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs their parents and/or guardians will need to contact the school to notify the front office that their child(ren) will be attending the Club after school.

In Evergreen the Elementary Program is located at the AIM Center whose address is 315 E. Evergreen Drive in Kalispell. Transportation will be provided by Boys & Girls Clubs from East Evergreen Elementary, Helena Flats, as well as Evergreen Junior High, to the AIM Center which is conveniently located less than a mile from either School.

Once a student becomes a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs their parents and/or guardians will need to contact the school to notify the front office that their child(ren) will be attending the Club after school.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Glacier Country operates on a sliding fee scale for monthly payments.

In the Elementary Program, Junior High and High School Program there is a one-time yearly application fee of $20 per family, regardless of how many children participate in programming.

There are monthly fees for both the Elementary and Junior High program that are based off household income and family size; to learn more about our sliding fee scale please give our Clubhouse a call.

At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Glacier Country we will never turn any family away due to the inability to pay.

If any family does not have the financial means to pay for their children to attend there are Scholarship opportunities available.

If you would like more information about these opportunities, please reach out to the Area Director or call our Clubhouse.

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